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Plane and Envelopes exhibition at UltraSuperNew Gallery, Singapore, 2019.

Planes and Envelopes (March - April 2019) is an exhibition that features Ginette Chittick and Hazel Lim at UltraSuperNew Gallery (Singapore). This exhibition explores the use of the weave to create object-based works through the use of materials such as fabric, yarn and paper.

As two individuals whose academic backgrounds and artistic practices are grounded in design and fine arts, their studio works in the area of weaving had led them to situate their practices within the intersections of contemporary art, design and craft. They are inspired by the work done by individuals and in particular, females whose heritage and cultures are embedded in the craft practices that constitute a part of their everyday life, such as weaving, embroidery, knitting, quilting, crocheting, tapestries, origami, basket weaving, etc.

These artistries, for them, possess the aesthetics of care. Intrinsically tied up mostly with the domestic realm, they involved the intricate patterning or fashioning of materials to create objects and things one can use around and within the house. They are steeped with intentions of care and protection for the people who use them or adorn them in the house.

Planes and Envelopes refers to the mountain and valley folds of the weave, a modular pattern that add up to create and produce a larger object (be it tapestry, blanket, basket, etc). It reflects the aesthetics of care, the ritual of addition, repetition, systems all interwoven with care and dedication.

For Ginette, she employs a combination of local kapok cotton and wool blend to concoct a handspun yarn that she will used to create a series of tapestries and objects made primarily of soft materials. For her, the aesthetics of care is dominant in her work not purely in the use of the handmade yarn but also in the process-based techniques and the meditations on individual space during the making process.

Hazel creates modular pieces of paper that are repeated and interlocked with one another. Using transparent and semi-transparent paper of varying shades, she joins the modular parts to form large-scale malleable pieces of sculpture that uses the properties of the coloured paper to diffuse and reflect light and shadows. The joining of the modular pieces for her is a type of weave, where individual parts come together to form something larger in scale and form. Herein, her works take on a wider spectrum of light , colours and shadows through the use of acrylic pieces with the paper.

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