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︎This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place, Echoes and The Diamond Sea showed at the Sewing Discord exhibition at Jendela, Esplanade, Singapore, April - August 2021.

All works are for sale. Please email to enquire which pieces are still available ︎

This body of work explores the relationship between visibility and the value of labour in three bodies of work created using the craft techniques of weaving, yarn-spinning and latch hook embroidery. The “circuit breaker” lockdown and the imposition of work-from-home arrangements in Singapore as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic shifted perceptions of space and time. In response to these profound changes, I began creating (This Must Be The Place, Echoes and The Diamond Sea), sculptures and assemblages inspired by the room divider or Shoji screen which is traditionally used in homes to divide a living space into private (unseen) and common (seen) areas. The notion of the screen, and its symbolic separation of the domestic and the public, also serves as a metaphor for the often unseen physical and emotional labour of women in the home. By employing domestic craft techniques commonly used to create decorative objects like wall hangings and foot rugs found at home, I aim to challenge perceptions of what craft is associated with.

About The Exhibition
Sewing Discord is an exhibition that brings together 5 artists/designers whose creative approaches incorporate aspects of crafting technologies such as weaving, embroidery, origami and cross-stitching. Whilst interrogating other mediums such as painting, sculpture an architectural forms, their use of craft as a methodology is one that seeks to reinterpret the position of craft in the hierarchy of visual culture. Commonly seen as a medium used by women in domesticated spaces - it is devoid of power and strength and one that is perceive as purely decorative and trivial.

Whether they are using personal narratives as an anchor point or negotiating visual forms through the lenses of sculpture or painting, craft as a method is meant to raise conversations about the unspoken, unseen and invisible. In many ways, th artists intend for the craft technique/s used to create deceptions of craft’s commonplace meanings and allusions. Thus, Sewing Discord is meant to draw one’s stereotypical perception of craft and seeks to thwart and upset the meanings it had come to possess.